So, what’s the deal?

We want you to develop a technology that can put together a (most often touch-enabled) display using the optical bonding method all on its own! All you need is some knowledge from your mechanical or electrical engineering classes, a space to research in, equipment to work with, full support from a mentor and experienced engineers, and a future in the industry – did we mention that we provide all but the first one?

Bonding, what?

Optical bonding is, just to be clear*, one of the three assembly phases of a central infotainment display (CID), a centerpiece essential to cars of tomorrow. It combines an LCD screen with a protective glass using a sheet of optically clear adhesive. Think of it as putting a scratch protector on your phone, except curved and cool and automated and in an electric car.

*Pun most certainly intended.


Shall we bond together?

If this sounds like the thing for you, we’d like to hear how you’d tackle this challenge and what motivates you to research and develop it in the first place. Don’t say “money” and “prospective employment”, that goes without saying :)︎

Your adventure starts here!

When you inevitably apply before April 30th, 2021, you might soon find yourself developing the real deal in a team of creative minds with the full support of experienced engineers. A bit less soon, say, in a year from now, you might also find yourself with a working prototype and on our team as a full-time tech lead for the product.

All this talk about applying, where do I do that?



If you have any questions, do send us an email to
Our team is fluent in ten languages, but try to use Slovene or English ;)︎

Things you should be asking

that we answered for you already.

1. How do I apply?

You look inwards and decide that you are ready for a challenge. Then, you read the task, elaborate your idea and motivation in a not-even-one-page-long document that you submit through the form along with some other little details. You sit back and go about your life until April 30th, after which we will start the selection process described one question below.

2. How will I and the team be selected?

Once the application deadline closes on April 30th, we will go through each and every one of your applications with great care and invite the best of you for an interview, so we can get to know you better – and more importantly, so you can get to know us. We will then select a small team that we think will fit in with us and each other. 

3. What will I exactly be doing?

Developing a working prototype for lamination of a touch display for automobiles. The end goal is a machine that can take an LCD display, an adhesive (OCA) sheet, and a protective glass, and fuse them together without imperfections in a process called optical bonding. Your work will be entirely R&D and eventual construction and launch of the prototype.

4. What is required of me?

There’s no need to be an expert in any specific field, nor do you need any prior work experience. This is a very research-oriented project, so your motivation to learn and ability to teamwork is all we’re looking for. Oh, and a working proficiency of Slovene and/or English.

5. Who will I be working with?

You’ll be working with a team of fellow students chosen for this project. You will have the full support of your mentors Borut and Jaka from the Machine Building department of INEA.

6. How long will the project last?

Until a prototype is developed, approximately one year from the start in April 2021.

7. How does this work… work?

You will be working with us via a student contract (napotnica) for a competitive rate and all benefits of our other students. You will be provided with all the needed equipment and space in our HQ in Stegne, Ljubljana – although some of the work can also be done from home. We expect this project to be at least a part-time workload (20h/week) on a flexible basis, but we’re aiming for a 6 hour workday company-wide, so you can be sure there’s no ridiculous overtimes.

8. What else do I get from it?

This is a great project to write a bachelor/master’s thesis about, for example. We will fully support any such endeavour as we do for all our students already. After the project finishes, we’re open to employing you full-time on either this project or any of our many others.

9. I don’t mean to be rude, but who are you exactly?

We’re INEA, an end-to-end manufacturing solution provider for (mostly) the automotive industry. We cover all of our customers’ needs over several fields: from machine building to industrial automation with vision systems, manufacturing intelligence, to production scheduling and planning. We were established in 1987 as a spin-off of the Jožef Stefan Institute and are currently about a hundred minds strong with a majority of young and highly educated teammates.
Feel free to check us out here: